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October newsletter 2015:

We've just returned from a fantastic weeks diving  in the southern Red Sea on the “Seawolf Soul” liveaboard. The trip was “Simply the Best” which visits the Brothers and Daedalus reefs that are located in the marine park as well as Elpinstone.



Dive Report - Red Sea "Simply the Best":


Tuesday 17th November 19.30hrs. See notice on club board in corridoor. This is the time of year you can make a differance to your club and offer a helping hand. There are a number of positions that need filling this year so put your name down and get involved.

Dinner Dance:

Saturday the 5th December 7:15pm to 1am.  Past members are more than welcome. We have arranged a good deal with the Cranleigh Golf Club at £30.00 per head. So get your dancing shoes on and let your hair down.

CSAC Loto logo Hammerheads clown Jamie

There was a minor hiccup at the start when the Hurricane had an engine failure causing us to swap boats – thankfully before we set off for the marine park! The diving at Elphinstone was good and also at the Brothers where we were able to dive the Numidia Wreck and then on and over the Aida wreck too.

However, things went from good to great on arrival at Daedalus when on our first dive in the morning off the northern plateau we encountered a group of about 15 Scalloped Hammerheads and were able to dive with them – even better we did this twice again on subsequent dives!


Keith Howland

CSAC Diving Officer

The coral and life on it was abundant - Nemo was at home (see above) and Jamie poses below!